Sustainable MaterialsNL enables the Netherlands to become a leader in the materials transition by solving bottlenecks in the upscaling from lab to production.

It was a difficult path, however we are happy to inform that the Sustainable MaterialsNL program, where M2i has actively participated in shaping the content for steel and multimaterial Additive Manufacturing topics, has been submitted to Growth Fund call. As expressed in European and National policy, functional, sustainable and circular material innovations are essential to realize the radical technological transitions that are necessary to achieve a sustainable society. The transition to economically profitable production and use of sustainable and 100% circular materials combined with new functionalities is what is called the materials transition.

The proposal, budgeted at EUR 1,366 million, of which EUR 668 million is a Growth Fund contribution, is intended to help accelerate the materials transition and link it to (new) earning capacity in order to sustainably increase the economic potential of the Nederland and generate social impact in sustainable energy and sustainable use of materials. The program has received a total of 303 letters of support from a various companies and organizations: start-ups, SMEs, multinationals, knowledge institutions, universities, colleges, environmental organizations and government. Together, these parties are ready to invest EUR 523 million publicly and privately in the program.

The evaluation process has already started. If all goes well, we hope to hear positive news from the Growth Fund Committee in the spring of 2022.

More information about the Growth Fund (Dutch only)