The research topics for the Functional Materials Cluster are mainly related to thin film deposition processes and microelectronic device structure. Thin films play an extremely important role in determining the performance of electronic devices in terms of material composition, layer quality, electronic properties, and thermal behavior. Thin film projects range from the development of anti-clogging coatings for printer heads to the synthesis of fluorine-modified surfaces with oleophobicity or superhydrophobicity properties.

Novel Coatings to Prevent Printer Head Clogging

This study aims to develop the fundamental chemistry related to the repellence of a-polar materials, such as those present in printing inks. Printing typically requires the flow of inks through a well-defined hole in the print head, called the nozzle. One of the potential problems in this process is that nozzles become clogged, which decreases printing resolution, causes smearing, etc. To address this problem, non-fouling coatings inside the print head are desirable. This project will synthesize novel organic compounds for application in such anti-fouling coatings and characterize several types of new coatings.

Invasive Medical Instruments

Medical interventions are increasingly performed with minimally invasive techniques resulting in less trauma to the patient, lower risk of infection, and a faster recovery. Advanced sensor and imaging functionality must be integrated on the tip of catheter instruments, thereby requiring small-area micro-fabrication allowing for smaller sizes, more accurate features, better flexibility and higher interconnect density than provided by standard IC (Integrated Circuit) fabrication.
To improve aspects such as biocompatibility, flexibility, and manufacturability, it is necessary to introduce new materials, which have not necessarily been developed for the traditional IC industry, into the micro-fabrication environment.

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