In October 2015 M2i launched M2i Human Capital with the idea that bringing talent for science and technology to the materials sector is crucial. The specialized team of M2i Human Capital connects talent to our partners.

Human Capital started with a staff of two, and after several months our team has grown to four. Clearly there is a need for recruitment services in the Materials Ecosystem, in both academia and industry.

In 2016 Human Capital successfully completed a number of challenging assignments for industry. For the TU Delft we performed a pilot project in which we filled 10 PhD and postdoc vacancies. Our process, approach and customer interaction were evaluated as highly valuable.

We would like to tell you more about the challenges that the Dutch technology universities are facing in an increasingly international labor market for academic talent, and how this pertains to you and opportunities for industry in the Netherlands and northwestern Europe.

But first meet our team…

From left to right: Marike Rupert, Felix Nencu, Jolanda de Roo, Harm Raijmans

Jolanda de Roo has an MSc in both Biomedical Sciences and Business Administration and soon will have obtained her PhD in fundamental immunology and hematology. Her experience as a scientist and researcher is a tremendous asset when recruiting for academia. Her former side-job as a team leader in sales also comes into play in finding out and understanding what someone needs.

If you have an opening for a PhD or postdoc, Jolanda de Roo can help you find the right person.

Felix Nencu has an MSc in Chemical Engineering. He worked for four years as a sales consultant in ICT and was skilled at his job, but he missed the human aspect. He took responsibility for coaching and development of new employees and then followed his dream to make Human Capital his main job. He joined our team to introduce the M2i Career Program.

If you want to know how our program for bringing young materials researchers and engineers to successful careers in industry can work for you, call Felix Nencu.

Marike Rupert has an MSc in Industrial Design. She worked for seven years at Tata Steel in materials innovation and application development and nine years in international corporate recruitment of technologists. Still young, yet a seasoned professional with a convincing track record in durable quality matches and translating customers’ needs to solutions, Marike has a unique understanding of the market.

Call Marike for specialist assignments or to find out how the M2i Career Program can work for you.

Harm Raijmans has spent his entire career in human resources and has a deep understanding of organizational dynamics and finding customized solutions. He is a seasoned recruiter for management and operational positions in a technology environment and is proud to lead such a young and talented team.

Harm is knowledgeable in all aspects of recruitment and keen to answer any questions you may have on how to build successful teams.