R&D Engineer Kunststoftechnologie – Zwaag

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Introduction Wordt jij de kennisdrager in kunststoftechnologie en machinebouw in het engineering team van een snel groeiende Nederlandse onderneming met internationale waardering?

Procestechnoloog metaal / process engineer metals – MSc/PhD – Zuid Holland

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Introduction Een functie voor een MSc of PhD materiaalkunde / metaalkunde, bij een modern staalverwerkend bedrijf, gericht op continue verbetering, ontwikkeling en innovatie.

Leergierige Mechatronica ontwikkelaar die impact wil maken – Overijssel

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Introduction Onze opdrachtgever is een industrieel ontwerpbureau dat gespecialiseerd is in productontwikkeling. Het kleine, hechte team heeft één gezamenlijke missie: samen met klanten nieuwe, innovatieve producten ontwikkelen.De meeste producten die ontwikkeld worden bestaan uit een combinatie van mechanica en elektronica. Door de aanhoudende groei van projecten, zijn wij op zoek naar een leergierige Mechatronica Ontwikkelaar, die met het bedrijf mee wil groeien.

PhD position: Flash Pyrolysis of Used Tires to Recover Carbon Black and Fuels – University of Twente – Enschede

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Introduction One of the challenges in the near future is to develop substitutes for raw materials that are no longer available, scarce or require a huge amount of fossil energy during production. Examples are fillers such as carbon black which are used for the manufacturing of rubber products like (truck) tires. This carbon black is produced from fossil sources such as crude oil with a high carbon footprint. Another group of tires, the passenger car tires, consists nowadays of mainly synthetic rubber and also contain silica as filler. To recover these fillers slow pyrolysis processes in e.g. rotary kilns or screws have been developed but without the expected result of high quality products and fuels. Here we will develop a so called flash pyrolysis for used tires: compact, efficient and high-quality products. This flash pyrolysis process is already widely investigated for biomass conversion but will here be applied for the thermochemical conversion of used tires into fuels and carbon black.

Electronics and Embedded Systems specialists – The Netherlands (various locations)

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Introduction Have you (nearly) finished your BSc, MSc, PDEng, of PhD studies in electronics or a related field (such as applied physics)? And are you looking at industrial job openings? Or planning the next step in your industrial career? Our key industry partners in (micro) electronics are then looking for you. The M2i Gateway 2 Industry Program enables your personal jumpstart.

Optics and Photonics talents for industry – The Netherlands, various locations

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Introduction Your background is in optics or a related field: (Applied) physics, electronics, industrial engineering, instrumentation or telecommunications. We guide you in finding your way to explore and deploy your talents and career ambitions in the optics industry. Together with you we identify your strengths and motivation. Are you interested to work in Optics or Photonics? Apply here.

Software Engineering – The Netherlands (various locations)

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Introduction You have a strong passion for coding. You have successfully completed your academic project or you are working in industry. Most importantly, you are innovative, inspiring, you enjoy taking initiative and making sure your code does its job. All the time. You enjoy seeing the result and real-life application of your hard work. You look forward to being part of a team and making it work, together. Your background is in computer science, (applied) mathematics, computational mechanics, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering.Apply here when you are looking for a job in hightech industry.

Systems Engineering: apply your expertise in an integral scope – The Netherlands (various locations)

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Introduction You have a strong passion for engineering management and complex engineering systems. Your background is in industrial, mechanical, manufacturing, control, electrical /software engineering or engineering management.When you enjoy looking beyond the boundaries of your own expertise, and are looking for a job with a hightech company, apply here.

Modelling & Simulation talent – The Netherlands (various locations)

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Introduction You have a strong passion for modelling, simulating and programming of mathematical models. You are innovative, inspiring, you enjoy taking initiative and continuously improving your work. Your background is in theoretical mechanics, (applied) mathematics, computational mechanics or aerospace engineering.Do you wish to take a step into industry? Then apply now.

For Experienced Professionals – The Netherlands

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Introduction Are you looking to make the next step in your career as experienced professional in business development, technology management, principal engineering, innovation management or technology development? We enable you to get where you want to go next; be it within your current industry or another.