We enable and manage materials-related projects between industry, academia and research institutes. As a network organization, we have excellent insight in materials-related activities in The Netherlands and Europe. We realize custom-made solutions by defining dedicated projects and looking for partners with the right expertise or to share development costs.

By sourcing the optimal type of Dutch or European funding we help to reduce industrial investments costs. A significant proportion of our projects are organized in cooperation between M2i with NWO (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek) and industry. M2i manages the portfolios of projects, ensuring timely reporting and progress meetings and offering researchers a platform for sharing their activities in cluster meetings and conferences.

M2i arranges funding to support materials research and innovation. In a partnership agreement with Technology Foundation STW we streamline the funding of materials research projects in the Netherlands. Read more under High Tech Materials projects.

M2i identifies the most suitable providers of solutions to meet industrial needs in full-fledged R&D programs.

M2i is the main ‘shopping’ point for our partners in setting up, or praticipating to, complex European initiatives on materials research and innovation. 

Scientific theme clusters

When you are involved in an M2i project, regardless of its funding source, you will become part of the so-called ‘cluster structure’. M2i clusters are networks that unite academic and industrial researchers working on related themes, usually finding application in various sectors. Cluster meetings are organized twice a year and offer a forum to discuss progress, exchange ideas and define new projects.

Cluster 1: Applied Mechanical Behaviour

Coordinator: Prof.dr.ir. A.H. van den Boogaard

Cluster 2: Multi Scale Modelling of Mechanical Behaviour

Coordinator: Prof. dr. ir. M.G.D. Geers

Cluster 3: Durable Surfaces

Coordinator: Prof. dr. ir. H.A. Terryn

Cluster 4: Functional materials

Coordinator: Prof. dr. M.A. Loi

Cluster 5: Advanced Metals

Coordinator: Prof. dr.ir. J. Sietsma

Cluster 6: Composites

Coordinator: Prof. T. Peijs

Cluster 7: Additive Manufacturing and Welding

Coordinator: Prof. dr. I.M. Richardson


Meet our Program Management Team

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