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Our selection process

We work with an established process to achieve the best result for client and for candidates:

  1. Defining: structured process to define position based on functional criteria and personal criteria that derive from a scan of the working environment
  2. Sourcing: comprehensive search from inner circle to outer circle to a structured direct approach of suitable candidates.
  3. Screening: knowledge screening is additionally monitored by our specialist experts. Motivation, competences and references based on personal interviews and additional research.
  4. Online assessment (if relevant): on cognitive capacity and natural thinking and on personal fit i.e. professional behavioral styles of candidate to align with organization and project team.
  5. Candidate introduction and interviews: structured process coordinated and facilitated by M2i Human Capital.
  6. Decision-making: advise and selection on hard criteria, developable and nondevelopable skills and intensity of coaching.

Feel free to contact Harm Raijmans for more information about the benefits of our selection process