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Human Capital for talents

As a part of the M2i network we hold a key position in the Dutch Materials sector, allowing us easy access to academia and industry. We guide young graduates, mid-career and seasoned professionals from the moment they start to consider their next career move through to finding a career at a Dutch university or in the Dutch high-tech industry.

Materials and beyond…

Development of new materials is an interdisciplinary process, which requires people who are able and willing to look beyond their own discipline. Within the high-tech materials industry, we see an increased need for expertise in specific areas. We therefore especially ask you to apply if you have a background in one of the below areas, and are interested to work on the forefront of tangible, state-of-the-art innovations.

 Electronics: for development of innovations like smart materials, domotics and IoT. Click here for more info and to apply directly.

 Optics: and photonics: for development of new optical communication and -sensing devices, PICs and devices for hi-res image registration. Click here for more info and to apply directly.

 Software: Every process and product nowadays needs good, bug-free code and coders who enjoy playing an integral part in R&D and Engineering processes. Click here for more info and to apply directly.

 Systems Engineering: Material innovations today require people who can integrate complex industrial systems using an interdisciplinary approach. Click here for more info and to apply directly.

 Modelling: With material innovations becoming increasingly efficient, there is an urgent need for people who can move these innovations into the digital domain. Click here for more info and to apply directly.

What M2i Human Capital can do for you

 We screen your CV to get a good understanding of your expertise areas and interest.
 We offer you a short assessment to determine your personal fit with a specific work environment, organization or project.
 We compare your ambitions and your profile to opportunities in the Netherlands, in academia or industry.
 We introduce you to organizations that fit your personal and professional profile.

Researcher positions at Academia

Perhaps you are considering pursuing your PhD in the Netherlands, doing further research or applied research in a PhD, PDEng or Postdoc project at a renowned Dutch university. M2i plays a central role in defining and coordinating materials research projects between Dutch companies and universities. Our Human Capital team connects talented Master’s graduates with research ambitions to PhD, PDEng and PostDoc projects at Dutch universities.

Check current vacancies here or contact Jolanda de Roo to discuss your future career.

Work in the Dutch high-tech industry

As your first step as young professional into industry, get to know the M2i CareerProgram, which can guide you in:

 Finding your job and working in Dutch industry, in half-year to two-year projects;
 Facilitating your development of personal skills in the new work environment;
 Following Materials Master classes in which you will be introduced to the Dutch materials sector, learn about state of the art research, technologies, trends and developments, and apply them to your field of work

For Young Professionals we offer the gateway to industry and start of your career in research, development, technology, or engineering. In a job that fits you and supports you to grow your talent and bring success to industry.

Feel free contact Jolanda de Roo about our Career Program.