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Need for research talent in Academia

Hiring the right candidate is quintessential. How to find from out of a large and diverse amount and diversity of applicants the best candidate? Finding the right candidate for a research project is essential for the academic staff but the selection process is intensive and a distraction from the academic core focus. Especially when a substantial part of the applicants comes from abroad.

We recruit international research talent

We have optimized the recruitment and selection process for universities, to ensure we make the best fit for candidate and university, on the project, the knowledge area, and the organization’s culture.

We have optimized the recruitment and selection process for universities which is based on 3 pillars:

  1. Our selection process is fast and professional. We have developed a clear view on the department’s culture, ambition and way of working and what that means for a young scholar in order to be successful.
  2. Knowing where to find the right Dutch and international students, from a central recruitment desk we have gained extensive knowledge about international media
  3. A dedicated approach and relevant recruitment process in which a proprietary and validated online assessment method to select is applied early stage. It creates objectively and effectively and fast a funnel that leads to the best few candidates who are really relevant to your project.

M2i Human Capital delivers the best PhD and Postdoc candidates for universities. We can make the right match for the best results for the university and the candidate.

Benefits for your organization

  • We make it easy for university staff by managing the entire selection process.
  • In addition to assuring that the candidate is qualified for the job, we make sure the candidate fits in with the organizational culture.
  • Research positions are filled in a period of four months on average, enabling that research projects begin more quickly and research partners obtain results faster.

Feel free to contact Jolanda de Roo about the recruitment of international talent for Universities.