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Young professionals & specialists for industry

The need of the Dutch high-tech industry for highly skilled professionals in specialist technology areas is permanent. We offer two solutions:

  1. Young Professionals (MSc, PhD and postdoc) switch successfully from academia to industry supported by the M2i Career Program.

From our pivotal role in recruitment for universities, we are in contact with talented researchers during their PhD projects. The majority of them aspires to a career in industry. We offer high potential young professionals to participate in our CareerProgram. Providing an opportunity to companies in high-tech industry to fulfill key positions in their organization with the best talent.

  1. With our Specialist Search we can help your company to find more experienced candidates with appropriate expertise, experience and personal profile fitting to your organization.

Our focus is on making the best possible connections between companies and candidates: if the match between you and the candidate is the perfect one, you can count on a mutually fruitful employment term.

Feel free to contact Harm Raijmans about our  Young Professionals & Specialist Search.

Not only Materials specialists…

The talent we have in scope is not only related to material science. When we consider innovation in high-tech and materials from the viewpoint of human capital, we consider a range of specialist expertise areas as the driving motors to enable developments in the broader scope of technology. We serve a broad need of industry for specialist high-tech expertise areas. Expertises like Optics, Electronics, Modelling, System Engineering, Nanotechnology and Applied Physics will be key to realize the (short term) future objectives of companies in the Dutch high-tech sector.


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Let us know what expertise fields are of interest for your organization. We can accelerate your innovation by finding the right candidate. Contact us to discuss the skills and qualifications of the candidates you envision and we will do our utmost to make the perfect match.