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M2i Human Capital is the recruitment partner for Dutch industries and universities linked to high-tech systems & materials (HTSM). From our original role as the recruitment department of the Materials innovations institute – M2i, we have developed ourselves into an independent supplier of high-end search, select and secondment services.

 Academic Recruitment: finding the best (inter)national talent for PDEng, PhD and PostDoc projects.

 Gateway to Industry: Young Professionals (MSc, PhD and postdoc) switch successfully from academia to industry supported by the M2i Career Program

 Specialist Search: Sourcing that particular specialist with the desired combination of knowledge, skills and experience for companies.

A wide network and a broad set of expertise

The M2i Human Capital network consists of over 3,000 talented materials specialists as well as seasoned business professionals. Over 600 M2i alumni currently contribute to materials innovation.

And our network is rapidly growing beyond. We recruit for universities in applied physics, photonics, nanotechnology, electric and electronics and chemical technology. And we do assignments for corporate industries, change-driven SMEs and start-ups. We help companies to reach their objectives by connecting to the unique talents available in the wide world of materials innovation.

Industry areas

 Modeling & Simulation


 Production & Manufacturing
 Business & Consultancy
 Project management
 Technology execution

Knowledge areas


 Additive Manufacturing

 Simulation & modeling
 Material characterization
 Processing conditions
 System development

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